Chipo Lauren is a HOME & HEALTH BOUTIQUE. The space created with so much love and passion, driven by the spirit of service to all. Here you will find hand picked decorative arts and inspiration for your home and more. Chipo Lauren is a brand rooted in “Up-Classing” living standards by use mixing the old and the new, a place where luxury and functionality go hand in hand. Our appreciation of wealth from ages past and the enlightenment of current times is exactly what sets Chipo Lauren’s curations apart from the rest. Our Focus is not only to “Recycle” or “Up-cycle”, but to innovate and “Up-Class” treasures by reawakening them through Morden designs so they can breathe life into new homes.When you select an product from Chipo Lauren you are assured that it’s integrity will hold the test of time as Chipo Lauren takes pride in curating pieces constructed with passion and patience.

As a woman entrepreneur, Chipo Lauren understands that the most valuables in a home are the people who dwells in it, thus a NEW Suite of Health and Wellness has been added for inspiration and motivation to help US ALL achieve a well rounded life. In this section you will find inspirational books, readings, and mental health resources provided to you free of charge and we encourage you to make full use of it.

So, whatever your project is self growth or home furnishings.., just remember: Chipo Lauren offers a unique collection of products that cannot be replicated or reproduced, they can only be discovered and appreciated. Therefore, it is our delight to be part of your life in manner and style.

Chipo Lauren delivers the highest in quality and service!

June Abbott
I’m impressed with this seller, top notch products and service.
Mic Jones